Te Haahi Ringatū

The Ringatū faith was found in the 18th Century by Te Kooti Rikirangi during his exile to Wharekauri. The Ringatū is based on the principles of the old testament. The upraised hand has become symbolic of the Ringatū faith. Services are held monthly starting on the 11th and finished on the 12th hence the name tekaumarua. The church Te Kooti founded remains an enduring legacy with over 10,000 followers the majority based in the Bay of Plenty and Tairāwhiti. While some have suggested its influence may be on the wane, a new generation of adherents are embracing innovation and change, including through the use of on line virtual karakia to continue the relevance and accessibility of Te Haahi to its followers and their whānau. Te Haahi Ringatū remains a haven of salvation for its followers who revel in its use of te reo and pre-European melodic structures in the himene, pānui and waiata. In this way, ancient tunes and melodies are preserved while the universal messages of charity, hope and faith are underscored.


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